Stake snapshots

At every epoch transition, the system performs a stake distribution snapshot. These snapshots are used for the slot leader election process and consist of:

  • Stake: a mapping of credentials to lovelace

  • Delegations: a mapping of credentials to stake pools

  • Pool parameters: each stake pool's parameters storage

At any given time, the system must store the last three snapshots. To keep track of snapshots, Mark, Set, and Go naming is used. Mark is the most recent one, which becomes Set after an epoch and Go after another epoch.

A snapshot Mark at epoch transition from EpochN to EpochN+1 will be used for the slot leader election process during EpochN+2, when it becomes Set. Finally, it is employed for rewards calculation during Epoch N+3 when it becomes Go.

On any current epoch, Mark is not actively used, Set is used for the slot leader election process, and Go is used for the rewards calculation:

For more details, please see section 11.1 of the Shelley ledger specification.

You can query the stake snapshots:

cardano-cli query stake-snapshot --testnet-magic 2 --stake-pool-id <POOL_ID>
    "activeStakeGo": 145769691498797,
    "activeStakeMark": 147258956481483,
    "activeStakeSet": 146034637994668,
    "poolStakeGo": 9497641630,
    "poolStakeMark": 9497641630,
    "poolStakeSet": 9497641630

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